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  • Bosnia and Herzegovnia

    Duško Tošić & Danijela Tošić

    Duško Tošić („Elektro-Bijeljina“, 33)
    Danijela Tošić (Road Transport Manager, 32)

    One of the reasons we chose to store stem cells is the constant progress in regenerative medicine and we believe that there is a lot of potential for stem cell treatments to become standard clinical practices in the future. Media information about successful stem cells treatments helped us in our decision. Other positive opinion’s by world leaders and religious groups toward regenerative medicine and usage of adult stem cells make us believe that stem cells will be as important in this century as penicillin was in 19th century.

    Three years ago when we decided to store our baby’s stem cells, CryoSave was the only stem cell bank in our country. The only other alternative was to go to another country which would have increased our costs. Today, CryoSave is still number one in our country and the reference point for all other stem cell banks. Full transparency in all customer relations and stages of purchasing stem cell storage is a solid reason to trust CryoSave. We are sure that we made the right decision.

    All parents-to-be should store umbilical cord and blood stem cells to provide better chances for the future for their family. Stem cells and regenerative medicine could be one of the biggest areas of medicine in the future and will play a leading role in treating some of the deadliest diseases. It’s important to note that the procedure of collecting samples of cord tissue and cord blood is painless and harmless for baby and mother. In the end, if you store stem cells you preserve one of life’s precious natural gifts that could cure or help someone that you care about.

  • Bulgaria

    Plamen Petkov & Atanaska Marinova-Petkova

    Plamen Petkov (Office Manager at a laboratory, 36)
    Atanaska Marinova-Petkova (Chief Assistant Professor/Research Associate, 32)
    Vasil Petkov (eight-months-old)

    We believe in stem cell storage because the progress of medical research is amazing. As of right now, stem cells are used as treatment for a limited number of diseases, but in next 10-15 years they may become a routine treatment for many medical conditions. However, we feel that now is the time to store since our child might not have another chance to do this in the future – at least not from cord blood and tissue.

    We chose CryoSave because it is the most reliable company represented on the Bulgarian market. It has a significant number of samples stored from various European countries.

    We think someone should store because one should do whatever is possible to increase the chances of their child‘s health. Most people believe that incurable diseases will not happen to their family. Unfortunately, when such a diagnosis is made, the patient usually has a limited timeframe to find a solution. Having stored stem cells means you already have a possible solution in such a critical situation. We believe that stem cells have the potential to be such a solution for treatment.

  • Greece

    Cristos Kaliptsidis & Politimi Roidi

    Cristos Kaliptsidis (Military Officer, 40)
    Politimi Roidi (Superior Nurse, 42)
    Evgenia Kaliptsidis (six-years-old)
    Eleftherios Kaliptsidis (four-years-old)

    We believe in stem cell storage because we want the best for our children. Today stem cells are being used for the treatment of many blood related diseases and the future definitely looks very promising. When looking at basic scientific information in the media, one can easily see that the future is based on stem cells. So, we did not want to lose this unique opportunity.

    We chose CryoSave to store both our babies’ stem cells because it is the largest in Europe and the most reliable among all the other banks in Greece. Its significant accreditations gave us the feeling that CryoSave knows what it is doing. Its contribution to research with international scientific collaborations, its experience with so many successfully stored samples and, most importantly, with the samples that they have already released for treatment were all very important factors for us.

    Someone should store stem cells because there are already numerous diseases that they can treat, but also because they are the future of medical science. Nowadays, there are therapies emerging in which doctors use stem cells to help a patient’s body repair itself. This means children that have already had their stem cells saved could be the first to benefit.

  • Hungary

    Balázs Németh-Kiss & Ilona Németh-Kiss

    Balázs Németh-Kiss (Market Researcher, 34)
    Ilona Németh-Kiss (Lawyer, 33)
    Daniel Németh-Kiss (one-year-old)

    We believe in stem cell storage because as parents we want to give as much as we can for Dani. Part of this is the opportunity to store his stem cells. This is one reason why we applied to be on the Board of Parents; to be members of the community through which the opinion of stem cell storage could be shared with others.

    We chose Sejtbank/CryoSave because we are optimistic about the future, but still have to be prepared for the worse. Stem cell storage helps us prepare for seemingly desperate health situations that no one wants to live through. In the last 10 years the number of diseases treated by stem cells has increased rapidly. With this advancement, stem cell treatments will improve and the number of diseases which can be treated by stem cells will grow.

    We think that someone should store stem cells because in addition to give everything to our child, we endeavour to choose the best for him. We had a positive experience with Sejtbank/CryoSave and the professional information given to us about the service convinced us to choose Sejtbank/CryoSave. CryoSave is the biggest company offering stem cell storage in Europe. Additionally they had the most optimal offer for us: maximal convenience and safety for at least 20 years.

  • Italy

    Luca Saponaro & Bozhidara Mladenova Stefanova

    Luca Saponaro (Financial Advisor, 33)
    Bozhidara Mladenova Stefanova (Financial Broker, 28)
    Sofia Saponaro (3.5-years-old)
    Anna Saponaro (11-months-old)

    We believe in stem cell storage because today stem cells can be used to treat many illnesses through replacing damaged cells and tissues. In the future, the scientific progress will increase the range of disease and conditions which can be treated by using stem cells. Storing them at the time of birth is a one-off potentially lifesaving opportunity and a gift for our children that can last lifetime.

    We have chosen CryoSave because of its good reputation among qualified operators in the health sector. CryoSave laboratories are located in the heart of Europe and are compliant with the European legislation. Moreover, CryoSave has simple and user friendly procedures and continually supports the parents through the process.

    Someone should store stem cells because we believe that parents should do the best for the health of their children. Birth is the unique moment to collect the umbilical blood cells and then store them for many years in an affordable stem cell bank. Every parent should take advantage of this great opportunity to give a greater chance of health to their children.

  • The Netherlands

    Arno Coenders & Kirsten Coenders-Straasheijm

    Arno Coenders (Educational Specialist, 34)
    Kirsten Coenders-Straasheijm (Research Technician in the Human Genetics Department, 33)
    Amber Coenders (eight-months-old)

    We believe in stem cell storage because we see it as a medical insurance for our child. Stem cells can be a promising tool in the treatment of diseases now and in the future as more and more research is conducted.

    We chose CryoSave because as we did some research, we found out that CryoSave is the biggest stem cell storage company in Europe. Because of their experience and the large amount of stem cells already stored there, we made the choice for CryoSave.

    Someone should store stem cells because nowadays there are already a lot of diseases that can be treated with stem cells. Research is done every day and it’s expected that stem cells will be very promising in treating many more diseases in the future. We think it is a valuable thing to do and can be seen as a great option to help ensure a child’s health.

  • Serbia

    Milos Petrovic & Marija Petrovic

    Milos Petrovic (Economist, 35)
    Marija Petrovic (Economist, 36)
    Luka Petrovic (five-years-old)

    We believe in stem cell storage because it is the future of medicine. By storing we believe that we have provided the best possible chances for the good health of our children.

    When we stored with CryoSave, stem cell storage in Serbia was in its infancy. CryoSave was the oblivious choice, because of the professional approach and the general attitude towards clients.

    Parents should store their children’s umbilical cord blood and tissue, because by doing so they will provide the best possible chance for their family. Medicine is developing every day, and no one would like to find out that at some point therapy was possible only if they had preserved stem cells. This is a great option to help ensuring a healthy future. We would rather have this and never use it, than not have it and need it.

  • Spain

    Miguel Fernández & Mara Peterssen

    Miguel Fernández (Journalist, 31)
    Mara Peterssen (Journalist, 29)
    Ángela Peterssen (four-months-old)

    We believe in stem cell storage because we think that stem cell storage can be very important for our baby's future health. Not only because of the actual uses of stem cells, but more importantly because of all the clinical trials that are going on and that will bring new therapies for the future; hopefully for more common diseases like diabetes or cerebral palsy. Stem cell storage is something you have to choose carefully for it lasts 20 years.

    We chose Crio-Cord/CryoSave because we needed a bank we could trust and everything we read about Crio-Cord/CryoSave gave us the feeling that it was trustworthy. It’s the number one bank in Europe, a big organization, transparent and professional. We feel safe having stored with Crio-Cord/CryoSave.

    We think someone should store because the different possibilities offered today should be enough to convince everyone to at least donate their baby’s stem cells for storage. When you read about the future possibilities and what they expect to do with stem cells in the coming years, you realize how important this might be for your own baby.